The Bursey Family settled in Old Perlican, Newfoundland in 1748 when Uriah Mitchell Bursey arrived from England. The original Uriah M. Bursey established himself as a Merchant within the Trinity Bay-Conception area. There were Three Generations of Uriah Bursey in Old Perlican, who likewise followed in the footsteps of their father. In the Spring of 1892, born to the third Uriah and wife Laura, was William Joseph Bursey...


Early Beginnings

Fort Amherst Seafoods


Like many Newfoundlanders in that day, William Joseph Bursey was a pioneer of industry. In 1916 W.J Bursey, after returning home from Massachusetts, took control of the Bursey family Cod Liver oil production business. In 1923 W.J. Bursey moved his family from Old Perlican, NL to St. John's, NL to open Fort Amherst Seafoods. Originally on the South Side of St. John’s Harbour, known as Fort Amherst, later expanding to Duckworth Street with a storefront and eventually two additional plants in Quidi Vidi Village and Portugal Cove.


New Beginnings In Old Places

The Flake House & Hungry Fishermen


In 1987, W.J's son and then owner/operator of Fort Amherst Seafoods, Ray Lindbergh Bursey started The Flake House Restaurant. Along with his two sons Chef Byron Bursey and businessman Ray M. Bursey, built upon the foundation of the Quidi Vidi Village fish plant, they began another family venture specializing in fresh seafood transformed into beautifully composed dishes. Later in 1995 the duo of Ray Jr. and Byron went on to open The Hungry Fishermen Restaurant, located in the then newly renovated Murray Premises, in Downtown St. Johns.


A New Generation

Fort Amherst Pub


Today, Evan L. Bursey, son of Ray Jr., continues the tradition of dedication to quality products. Much like the generations before, he carries on the family name with a commitment to offering a selection of hand crafted goods to satisfied customers. Fort Amherst Pub is the 21st century embodiment of a Newfoundland family business with a long history of quality.